Webzero, a group of digital companies working together, wanted to teach people worldwide about how the internet affects the environment.

Client Objective

  • To develop the modern and responsive website using Next.js for optimal performance.

  • Utilising MUI for good look & feel - Consistency across all section of the website,

  • Develop a resource centre providing free information for users to understand how their digital actions contribute to global climate change.


Contentful Integration Complexity:

  • Ensuring smooth integration with Contentful as a Headless CMS for efficient content management posed a challenge.

Design Consistency Across Platforms:

  • Maintaining design consistency across different platforms using MUI was a challenge.

Technology Used



  • Next.js for efficient and fast performance from frontend development, seamless user experience and optimal website performance.

  • We used Contentful as a tool to organise and manage website content easily, enabling users to access up-to-date information.

  • We used MUI to keep the design of the website consistent. It provided ready-made design elements that made the website look attractive and unified.


The Webzero project had good results. It created a place where people can learn for free about how their online activities affect the environment. Also, businesses could easily hire services to reduce their carbon emissions. We used Next.js for building the website, Contentful to manage content, and MUI to keep the design consistent, which helped us achieve our goals.