MOT API SMS Implementation

Our client sought an automated system to remind registered users of their MOT expiry dates via SMS. This solution integrates the Gov MOT API for fetching expiry dates and Twilio for SMS notifications. Hosted on the Prostack server, PHP is employed for backend scripting, with cron jobs scheduled to automate SMS sending.

Client Objective

  • The client aims to send SMS reminders to registered users for MOT expiry dates.

  • They plan to utilise the Gov MOT API to retrieve MOT expiry dates of vehicles.

  • PHP hosted in Prostack server will be used for server-side scripting.

  • Cron jobs will be set up to automate the SMS sending process.


  • Understanding and implementing the usage of the VES API for retrieving vehicle details.

  • Developing a secure login page for user authentication.

  • Creating a functional search page for users to input their vehicle registration numbers and retrieve MOT details.

Technology Used



  • Due to dynamic and interactive nature we use PHP for server-side scripting.

  • MySQL is used as the database management system to store user and vehicle information.

  • Implement the DVLA Vehicle Enquiry API to fetch vehicle information based on registration numbers.

  • Utilise Twilio's messaging platform API to send SMS reminders to registered users automatically.

  • Set up cron jobs to automate the SMS sending process at specific intervals.


  • The client's goal of sending automated SMS reminders for MOT expiry dates has been achieved.

  • Live integration of the Gov MOT API has been implemented successfully.

  • Users can submit UK vehicle registration numbers to verify MOT details.

  • The system allows for adding new entries to the database and viewing existing ones.

  • SMS automatic alert functions have been tested and are ready for use.