Fleet Management Project

The project involved the development and maintenance of a comprehensive Fleet Management System (FMS) for an e-commerce vendor focusing on vehicle compliance within the regulations of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Operator's Licence Regulations.

Client Objective

  • Improve vehicle compliance to meet DVSA regulations.

  • Make fleet management easier and more efficient.

  • Keep detailed records of vehicle maintenance and data.

  • Create a system to manage maintenance schedules, accidents, jobs, and customer information.

  • Track vehicle costs accurately to budget better.


  • Making sure our system meets all DVSA rules.

  • Simplifying how we manage our fleet across different tasks.

  • Keeping track of all vehicle data and maintenance history.

  • Integrating different types of information into one system.

  • Understanding and managing vehicle costs over time.

Technology Used



Increase in CRM signups


Increase in unique page views


Increase in organic search



  • Understand the rules and needs of the DVSA and our company.

  • Find ways to make fleet management easier and more organised.

  • Create a system that can handle lots of data and different tasks.

  • Bring together all the information we need into one easy-to-use system.

  • Develop tools to help us budget and plan for vehicle costs.


  • We've made significant improvements to how we manage vehicle compliance.

  • Our new system has streamlined fleet management tasks.

  • We now have a comprehensive record of vehicle data and maintenance.

  • The integrated system makes it easier to manage maintenance schedules, accidents, jobs, and customer records.

  • Accurate tracking of vehicle costs helps us budget and plan for the future.