Breeze Stripe Payment Implementation

Breeze as an all-in-one website management tool, including migration, operation, and SEO features.

Client Objective

  • Need to offer users access to one workspace upon registration, with the option to upgrade for additional workspaces.

  • Implement payment processing using Stripe, allowing businesses to accept mobile wallet payments and buy now, pay later services.

  • Provide lifetime payment and monthly recurring payment options for users.

  • Offer promo codes for premium users to incentivize upgrades.


  • Setting up Stripe web hooks for secure payment processing and handling valid signatures.

  • Making decisions regarding Stripe functionalities, such as choosing between charge and checkout functions.

  • Builds the payment logic entirely in the backend.

  • Adding a promotional code option to the Stripe checkout page and ensuring smooth integration.

Technology Used



  • Integrate Stripe SDK to manage payments and subscriptions seamlessly.

  • Conduct a thorough technical research and decision-making process to select the best stripe operations for project requirements.

  • Implement web hooks for secure communication between Breeze and Stripe.

  • Configure payment logic entirely in the backend to ensure security and efficiency.

  • Add promo code option in Stripe checkout page to provide discounts for premium users.


  • Developing Breeze as a comprehensive website management tool with seamless payment processing capabilities.

  • Challenges such as setting up Stripe web hooks and decision-making regarding Stripe functionalities were addressed through technical research and implementation.

  • The result includes a robust payment system with options for lifetime and monthly recurring payments, as well as promo code integration that encourages upgrades.