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Our wines are grown and hand harvested in the Texas High Plains AVA, where the sun nurtures our fruit to peak ripeness and superior dri… Read more
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Every generation rewrites the past. Our generation of winemakers is rewriting the legacy of Texas wines to speak to the unique terroir of the emerging Texas High Plains AVA. Our wines are grown and hand harvested in the Texas High Plains AVA, where the sun nurtures our fruit to peak ripeness and superior drinkability. We respect the land by nourishing our soils with cover crops and minimizing intervention on the vine. With respect for the land and the great state of Texas, we honor early winemaking traditions to bring you robust red wines that can compete with the best of ‘em.Honest traditions.

Each of our chosen varietals flourishes in the well-drained sandy loam soils of the region. Hot, dry summers and mild winters concentrate flavor and boldness in each and every grape. By harvesting at just the right time, we bring you some of the best flavors Texas Wine Country has to offer.

From the vineyard to our labels, we honor the strong traditions of Texas winemaking. Each of our varietals draws inspiration from the history, flora and fauna of the Lone Star state. 

Our Neches River Red Wine Blend celebrates the life-giving river in east Texas. The Neches has sustained life here for thousands and thousands of years, with no signs of stopping. The Neches is a lifeline, a guidepost, a caretaker. Our red blend pays homage to this unconquerable current. Just like its namesake, the Neches River Red Wine Blend provides you with what you need, it shows you the way. A mighty pine tree on the label represents the woodland through which the Neches flows and in which life has flourished for generations. 

Follow the river onward, toward central Texas. Our Backlands Red Wine Blend honors this important region with imagery of a sturdy oak tree and a buffalo. Over 50 species of oak thrive in west and central Texas and have given shade and sustenance to inhabitants of this region for thousands of years. We think there is nothing better than taking a break from a day of hard work underneath the boughs of a large oak. Pair this relaxation with a glass of Backlands Red Wine Blend and you’ve got yourself a perfect Texas afternoon. A buffalo accompanies the oak tree on the front of the label, representing the importance of the plains to so many generations of Texans. 

We feature daylilies not only on the Daylilies Sangiovese label, but also as a part of our company logo. Daylilies thrive in the Texas sun, much like the varietals that we have deliberately chosen to highlight in each of our wines. The unique climate of the Texas High Plains allows Rhone varietals and robust reds to thrive. The varietals that we showcase — Sangiovese, Syrah, Mourvédre, Cinsault, Carignan — grow exceptionally well in the hot days and cool nights of the region. A bright daylily is a visual representation of the interplay between night and day, the forces that make this region so special.