What is Website Maintenance?

Everybody thinks of having a great website. Whether you are a blogger, a small business, or a big corporate firm - you need a good website -- It represents your brand value and gives you an identity.  But very few people emphasise its maintenance.

Website maintenance keeps your website hygienic, error-free, secure and creates a great impression on your potential leads and customers.

Website maintenance is- "regularly checking your website for any issues or errors, fixing them up, and making your site up to date."

Five reasons to take a website maintenance plan.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost and Packages

Website Maintenance cost depends upon the type of website you are running.

Type of Website and Its Rough Estimation For Website Maintenance:

Website Maintenance Packages

SCube.co offers website maintenance packages according to your needs and budget. Check out our Monthly and Hourly Website Maintenance Packages and find out the best suitable plan for you.

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Hourly Website Maintenance Packages

Services included in Website Maintenance.

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Website Maintenance Checklist to Consider While Buying A Website Maintenance Plan:

Determining If You Should Buy Website Maintenance Packages

You Should Consider these seven factors before deciding whether to go with a Website Maintenance Plan:

  1. Size of your website.

  2. Purpose of your website.

  3. Your technical knowledge regarding website maintenance.

  4. Is your website up to date?

  5. Growth of your business.

  6. Your marketing strategy.

  7. How much bandwidth do you have for maintaining a website.

  8. Your budget.


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