Stored - Ecommerce WordPress Theme for Cart66. Perfect theme for your eCommerce shop using WP. Download Stored Template
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Stored - Ecommerce WordPress Theme for Cart66

Ecommerce the WordPress Way

Stored is built to make use of the Cart66 ecommerce plugin, making your WordPress install an awesome looking store. Stored makes it easy to get your products front and center to start making sales.If you have any questions about how the cart system works, please visit or try the free Cart66 Lite plugin for yourself. This theme simply styles how Cart66 looks and displays, it does nothing to the functionality of Cart66.

Works with all versions of Cart66

That’s right, Stored 3.0 now supports Cart66 Cloud! So whatever version of Cart66 you want to use, Stored supports it!

Affiliate Mode

Affiliate Mode makes it easy for affiliates to create products and link the Buy Now button to another website with your affiliate link. It’s as easy as copy and paste. Cart66 not required.


  • Translation file included!


    – Use Stored WP in any language

  • jQuery slider on the home page to showcase your featured products, plus jQuery hovers for the rest of your products.

  • Simply upload your product images to that post and Stored will automatically generate a lightbox gallery on that product’s page. No messy shortcodes or plugins needed. It’s like magic.

  • Responsive widgets on the home page. Put them either above or below the latest products and use as many as you want. Stored will automatically size them and make them look good.

  • Light and Dark color schemes along with 6 color options for the buttons and accents across the site.

  • Easy setup with easy to follow instructions.

  • Valid XHTML

To sell items, this theme requires the Cart66 Ecommerce Plugin Demo data is not included in the download