Sales Manager

SCube is introducing a faster & more secure web to its customers.

Our team consists of passionate, web developers and smart marketers who share the vision of websites that are high-performing, safe, and easy to maintain.

We make this vision happening by building serverless Progressive Web Apps and blazing-fast websites on the JAMstack architecture.

We are looking for a Sales Manager who can help us grow our business, we need to hire a person willing to undertake the below responsibilities.

Long-term goals and responsibilities:

  • Build and manage internal sales structures and processes.

  • Build and manage a global salesforce

  • Take an active part in internal management meetings to define OKRs and KPIs for the upcoming months and quarters.

  • Lead company’s planning and execution of strategies to increase sales and company growth.

  • Work closely with the Marketing Manager to brainstorm new ideas and make sure to keep a close eye on the execution of those.

Short-term goals and responsibilities:

I. Manage inbound leads:

  • Create estimates and well-written proposals

  • To make follow-ups with leads that you’ve presented the proposals to. Make sure to always follow all the stages of the sales funnel.

  • Measure, judge and optimize the sales funnel and its steps.

  • Reimagine (if it makes sense IYO) our current sales process and its stages. There are many proposals we’ve drafted and sent out in the past, as well as many closed leads where we applied our current process. All the data will be given at your disposal so that you can make your own judgment and use your reasoning to assess if the process could and should be improved.

II. Manage our currently active accounts:

  • Stay in touch with the project manager(s) to be on top of the projects we lead for our high-ticket customers. Propose solutions and outline scopes for the next phases of their websites/apps.

III. Manage and try to reactivate our inactive accounts as well as leads that were active in the past:

  • Periodically refresh contact with inactive leads, stay on top of their company and its updates, pitch ideas that can bring real value to their businesses with the help of services offered by SCube

  • Try to engage with them in a meaningful way to always subtly stay in the back of their heads proposing real value to their companies

  • Make targeted pitches for previously active leads as well as customers

General requirements:

  • Exceptional level of spoken and written English At least 3 years of experience in Sales or Business Development area

  • High level of presentation skills as well as other soft skills

  • Ability to communicate very clearly

  • A strong sense of ethics is a must

  • Willingness to try new things even with the risk of failure. We embrace small failures since they lead to big positive leaps as long as you learn lessons from them

  • Intellectual curiousness and openness to new ideas

  • Boldness and problem-solving abilities in the face of any problems

  • Will be a big benefit if the candidate has:

  • Basic knowledge of modern web development tools

  • Has a basic understanding of JavaScript frameworks such as React

  • Has a basic understanding of the Serverless paradigm