As digital transformation continues to shape the financial industry, more and more companies are looking to adopt headless technologies to improve their customer experience and streamline their operations. In this episode, we'll explore what headless technologies are and why they're becoming increasingly popular in the financial sector. We'll also dive into the challenges and opportunities that come with migrating to a headless architecture and provide practical tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Shovan Profile

Shovan Samuel


Shovan is an experienced technologies and CEO of, a headless development agency that focuses on providing services for the financial services sector. With over a decade of experience in website development, Shovan began exploring the possibilities of Jamstack in 2015 while working for an open-source software development company.

As a specialist in website strategy, migration, and building remote teams, Shovan is passionate about discussing headless CMS, multi-language websites, and solving complex challenges. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with others and is excited to be a part of the headless creator.

SCube is committed to the growth of composable content technology and actively contributes to its development. With Shovan at the helm, the agency is dedicated to providing quality services and helping new customers navigate the headless space.


Marcelo Lewin

Marcelo Lewin

Marcelo is passionate about content modeling, so much so, he spends his weekends creating content models for fun! Yes, we know, he needs to get a real hobby! He's also very interested in content governance, content architecting and headless CMS technologies. As a Senior Content Solutions Architect, he designs content models that are scalable, support single source of truth and are friendly both to developers and content authors alike.

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