Wordpress Headless Using Nextjs

Innovate Finance is committed to advancing the UK's position in the financial services sector by supporting the next generation of technology-led innovators. Our mission is to create a more inclusive, democratic, and effective financial services sector that benefits everyone.

Client Objective

  • Forward-thinking participants to create a more transparent, sustainable, and inclusive global financial services sector.

  • To achieve this, they plan to continue using WordPress for content management, leveraging its flexibility and popularity as a headless CMS.


  • Key Challenges include retrieving data from WordPress using the REST API for various parts of the website.

  • Pagination should be implemented using the REST API.

  • Determining which components can be built statically and which components are dynamically derived from API.

Technology Used



  • Next.js was chosen to provide the building blocks for building web applications, configuration and updates.

  • As per the client’s requirement, technical research and development was conducted to integrate WordPress with Next.js.

  • SCube, as a WordPress & Next.js partner - insights from the Partner Program to effectively leverage the WordPress REST API.

  • Search functionality is launched from WordPress and implemented in Next.js.


  • Client’s requirement is successfully met by integration of Next.js with wordpress through the REST API.

  • Using WordPress for content management is beneficial from Next.js for frontend development.

  • Implemented solution allows for a faster loading website, increased conversion rate optimization (CRO) and accessibility in areas with slower internet speeds.