Client is a global FinTech community who is to accelerate the UK’s leading role in the financial services sector by directly supporting the next generation of technology-led innovators. Their strategy for 2023 is to do bringing together and connecting the most forward-thinking participants in financial services, Innovate Finance is helping create a global financial services sector that is more transparent, more sustainable and more inclusive. To achieve these goals client have defined the following strategy

  • Continue using WordPress for content management

  • Using WordPress as a headless CMS allows to create the front-end of your web application using any web technology and manage its content using one of the most popular CMS.

  • Headless CMS still allow you to upload, create, edit, and organize content. But, instead of pushing content directly to the front end, a headless CMS makes its resources available to a separate front-end solution through a REST API.

  • Headless CMS is easier, faster, and more flexible to develop on. Fast loading website for increased CRO & access to slow speed internet.


  • Next.js is a React framework that gives you building blocks to create web applications. By framework, we mean Next.js handles the tooling and configuration needed for React, and provides additional structure, features, and optimizations for your application.

  • As, client want to continue using WordPress to manage their contents, we conducted technical R&D and the ability to use WordPress along with Next.js. SCube is a WordPress & Next.js Partner (pending certification), using the partner program we have the insights to use WordPress REST API.

  • Using WordPress REST API to implement on Next.js we should be able to

    • Get Blogs, Insights, Companies posts from WordPress

    • Get the Header and Footer menus & widgets

    • Initiate search process from WordPress to Next.js


  • Getting data from WordPress using REST API for various part of the website like header, footer, top bar, blog posts, event posts, company posts and search results.

  • Pagination is done with REST API.

  • Planning to do which components can be build statically and which components can be build dynamically from API.


Technology Used

Next.js, WordPress REST API, Tailwind CSS