Smartware IoT Project

Sleepbuds are designed to provide users with a restful night's sleep by delivering soothing sounds through the Sleep app. These sleep aids utilize audio-masking technology to ensure uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. The project focuses on integrating various features such as OTA firmware updates, music library management, BLE connectivity, and encrypted communication to enhance the user experience.

Client Objective

  • Develop Sleepbuds device and app for better sleep.

  • Utilise audio-masking tech for uninterrupted sleep.

  • Focus on OTA firmware updates, music library, and BLE connectivity.

  • Focusing on security to make sure the device is safe for users and operates efficiently.


  • Coordinating OTA updates across hardware, firmware, app, and cloud.

  • Encrypted communication for secure file transfers.

  • Managing 80 commands for device control over BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy).

  • Developing efficient power management and sleep modes.

  • Maintaining security against potential attacks.

Technology Used



  • Set up SDK, IDE, and evaluation board for development.

  • Develop microcontroller code via ONSEMI.

  • Establish IoT Bluetooth system.

  • Integrate hardware and software for seamless operation.

  • Implement mobile app access and updates.


  • The Sleepbuds project aims to address sleep-related issues through technology.

  • Combining hardware and software solutions, including OTA updates, BLE connectivity, and a user-friendly app.

  • Development ensures careful implementation and integration of each aspect.