SCube Marketing

SCube Marketing, a forward-thinking marketing agency, sought to establish a captivating online presence through a website that embodies its brand identity, showcases its services, highlights successful projects, and offers detailed case studies.

Client Objective

  • Establish the online presence through a website reflecting SCube Marketing’s brand identity.

  • Responsive web design for optimal performance.

  • Consistency across all sections of the website.

  • User engagement through case studies demonstrating problem solving capabilities

  • Showcase services, highlight successful projects, and provide detailed case studies.


  • Real-time analytics integration for monitoring website performance.

  • Event tracking to understand user behaviour and interactions.

  • Monitoring website speed and responsiveness.

  • Reporting and insights generation to evaluate the effectiveness of the website and marketing strategies.

Technology Used



  • Next.js for frontend development for modern responsive websites.

  • Tailwind CSS framework for consistent and visually appealing design.

  • Contentful Headless CMS for efficient content management and real-time updates.

  • Leveraged Contentful Content Delivery API within Next.js for dynamic content retrieval.



  • Successfully established online presence for SCube Marketing.

  • Developed a modern and responsive website using Next.js, meeting client requirements for optimal performance.

  • Maintained consistency across the website with the Tailwind CSS framework.

  • Addressed challenges such as real-time analytics integration and performance monitoring, ensuring a seamless user experience.