Personio MarketPlace

Personio Marketplace, a centralised platform for integrating third-party applications with Personio HR software.

Client Objective

  • Client wanted a flexible and fast platform built with Next.js, ensuring quick responses. 

  • Aimed for a stylish design using Tailwind CSS. Content management would be easy with Contentful acting as the CMS, allowing efficient handling of content.


  • Implementing a dynamic language switcher for seamless content updates across the platform.

  • Creating a strong search feature to find the right information easily across many connected apps.

Technology Used



  • Developed a Next.js-based integration platform for smooth communication between Personio and third-party apps.

  • Used Tailwind CSS to create a visually appealing and design consistency.

  • For efficient content creation and management, we have used Contentful as a Headless CMS.

  • Addressed challenges by focusing on dynamic content management, maintaining design consistency, and implementing a powerful search functionality.


  • Personio Marketplace reached high growth with an expanding ecosystem of integrated applications.

  • Increases user engagement by consistent design using Tailwind CSS.

  • Contentful integration allowed for efficient content updates and personalised content delivery.

  • Successfully implemented a language switcher and overcame search challenges, delivering a powerful and accurate search functionality for users.