OrbitFin embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize financial services by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The primary goal was to transform unstructured data into predictive indicators, providing users with valuable insights and enhancing the overall financial experience.

  • Next.js and MUI Transformation:

    • Utilize Next.js, a React framework, for frontend development.

    • Implement MUI for design consistency throughout the application.


Next.js for Frontend Development:

  • Modern and Dynamic UI:

    • Utilized Next.js to create a modern, dynamic, and performant user interface.

MUI CSS Framework for Design Consistency:

  • Consistent User Interface:

    • Implemented the MUI Framework to maintain design consistency across the application.

    • Customized MUI components to align with branding and enhance the overall user experience.

Implementation Details:

Next.js Frontend Development:

  • Responsive User Interface:

    • Utilized Next.js to build a responsive and dynamic user interface.

    • Implemented server-side rendering for optimal page performance.

MUI CSS Framework Integration:

  • Design Consistency:

    • Incorporated the MUI to maintain design consistency throughout the application.

    • Customized MUI components for a visually appealing and cohesive user interface.


Contentful to Static Conversion:

  • Overcame challenges associated with converting dynamic Contentful pages into static pages.


User Interface and Experience:

  • Responsive Next.js Frontend:

    • Implemented a responsive and dynamic user interface using Next.js.

    • Utilized server-side rendering for optimal performance, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

  • Design Consistency:

    • Achieved design consistency with the MUI, enhancing the overall user experience.

Technologies Used

  • Frontend Framework: Next.js

  • Design Consistency: MUI