My Jeenie

Forextime aimed to develop a fast and optimised website with a focus on cryptocurrency.

Client Objective

  • Goal was to make it easy and enjoyable for users to send meaningful messages.

  • Used Next.js for website design, MUI for consistent design, Zoho Form for data collection, and Contentful CMS for organising data.


  • Tab section refresh issue.

  • Inconsistent display of sections after page refresh.

  • Header dropdown not closing after redirection.

  • Difficulty in implementing FAQ search.

  • Challenges with image position, size, and pixelation.

  • Issues encountered while creating components in the book.



  • Using Next.js for a smooth experience.

  • Used MUI to maintain a consistent look and feel.

  • Zoho FormĀ  utilised to collect data efficiently.

  • Organised and stored data effectively with Contentful CMS.



  • Successfully created a platform for sending thoughtful messages.

  • Ensured users could navigate the site easily and enjoyably.

  • Made data collection simple and secure with Zoho Form.

  • Structured data effectively using Contentful CMS.