Revolt, a leading fintech entity, aimed to bolster its online presence, showcasing its innovative financial solutions. The objective was to develop a website that not only displayed Revolt's offerings but also delivered a seamless user experience.

Client Objective

  • Create a website showcasing innovative financial solutions.

  • Reflect Revolt's unique offerings and services online.

  • Managing diverse financial content efficiently.

  • Ensure easy updating of content to keep information relevant.

  • Scalable solutions to accommodate future growth.

  • Focus on security and user authentication.


  • Difficulty in integrating Firebase for additional functionalities.

  • Seamless communication between Contentful and Next.js.

  • Overcoming potential performance bottlenecks in dynamic routing.

  • Managing complex content structures in Contentful.

  • Ensuring security and reliability in user authentication with Firebase.

Technology Used



Contentful Integration:
  • Used Contentful API in Next.js for getting content.

  • Enabled real-time updates on the website.

Next.js Dynamic Routing:
  • Used Next.js for smooth navigation.

  • Ensured efficient handling of different content sections.

Firebase Authentication:
  • Utilised Firebase for secure user login.

  • Enabled real-time updates in the database.

Efficient Caching Strategies:
  • Implemented strategies to speed up data retrieval.

  • Reduced delays in accessing information.


  • Achieved real-time content updates with Contentful.

  • User experience through secure authentication with Firebase are successfully implemented..

  • Overcame Firebase implementation challenges for seamless functionality.

  • Successfully implemented high-performance frontend using Next.js.

  • Positioned Revolt for future growth with scalable and innovative solutions.