Contentful + Shopify Integration

A proof of concept (POC) was conducted for an e-commerce vendor selling physical and electronic products using Shopify. The client's strategy for the upcoming year focused on globally expanding the e-commerce platform to reach a wider audience. Key objectives included leveraging Shopify for product management, utilising organic SEO channels for lead generation, offering the website in multiple languages to dominate local regions, and ensuring fast-loading pages to increase lead conversion.

Client Objective

  • Continue using Shopify for product management.

  • Use organic search engine optimization (SEO) to attract potential customers.

  • Focus on global expansion and multilingual support.

  • Aim for a fast-loading website for improved lead conversion.


  • Using content delivery API to get product details from Contentful.

  • Getting product details from Shopify using storefront API.

  • Integration Cart & Checkout process.

  • Created a collection of products and stored them in Contentful, then fetched them into the page.

Technology Used



  • Utilising the Shopify for product management.

  • Implement Contentful for global marketing and localization.

  • Integrating Shopify and Contentful using SCube's strategy.

  • Implement Shopify GraphQL Storefront API with JS Buy SDK on Next.js.


  • Successful connection between Shopify and Contentful for product listing.

  • Flexibility to select and list products from Shopify within Contentful.

  • Payment and logistics management through Shopify, while content management via Contentful.