Contentful Community Project

In today's digital era, content management plays a pivotal role in engaging audiences and driving business growth. Our client, seeking to elevate their online presence, aimed to transition from conventional WordPress to a more dynamic and efficient content management solution. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we embarked on a transformative journey to create a seamless content management platform using Next.js, Contentful, Firebase, and Vercel.

Client Objective

  • Client prefers to use Contentful as the content manager instead of WordPress.

  • User details will be stored in the Firebase database.

  • The front-end will be developed using Next.js.


  • Firebase login authentication for user registration and login.

  • Using Firestore for database management to categorise user types.

  • Integrating Contentful for storing and managing content, including user data.

  • Managing user data within Contentful for efficient organisation.

  • Implementing a comment system for users to engage with posts.

Technology Used



  • Firebase login authentication

  • Firestore used for database purposes to maintain user type.

  • Data post into Contentful

  • Maintain user data in Contentful

  • Comments maintained based on post


  • Client’s strategy focuses on using modern technologies like Contentful, Firebase, and Next.js to create an efficient and dynamic blogging platform.

  • Challenges such as Firebase login authentication and data management are addressed through technical solutions.

  • The outcome includes login and register pages, a dashboard displaying posts, and the ability for users to add new posts and comment on existing ones.