WordPress is an extremely popular example for creating blogs. But the client wants to use Contentful as content manager, storing user details in Firebase database and front-end with Next.js.

  • User registration and login

  • Dashboard with list of posts

  • Comment option


  • Next.js is a React framework that gives you building blocks to create web applications. By framework, we mean Next.js handles the tooling and configuration needed for React, and provides additional structure, features, and optimizations for your application.

  • Contentful is an enterprise headless CMS that is built with Global Marketing & Localization experiences; implementing the headless technology will increase the website speed by 80%

  • Firebase is a set of hosting services for any type of application. It offers NoSQL and real-time hosting of databases, content, social authentication, and notifications, or services, such as a real-time communication server.

  • Vercel is the platform for frontend developers, providing the speed and reliability innovators need to create at the moment of inspiration.

  • As clients want to continue using Contentful to manage their contents, we conducted technical R&D and the ability to use Firebase along with Contentful.


  • Firebase login authentication

  • Firestore used for database purposes to maintain user type.

  • Data post into Contentful

  • Maintain user data in Contentful

  • Comments maintained based on post


Technology Used

Next.Js, Contentful, Firebase, Vercel