Breeze Marketing

Breeze Marketing, a top player in marketing solutions, needed to upgrade its website. They faced challenges with an outdated site and developed the Breeze suite to streamline the migration process.

Client Objective

  • Need for a smooth website move to boost online presence.

  • Created Breeze tools to make website moves easier.

  • Wanted to make the site better for users, manage content well, and make it faster.

  • Make sure the site worked well on different browsers and devices.


  • Navigating and organising old data for Contentful CMS took careful planning.

  • Getting used to Tailwind CSS for making the website look good was a bit complicated.

  • Figuring out how to fit Contentful CMS into our current setup was challenging.

Technology Used



  • Used Tailwind CSS for quick frontend development and keeping the design consistent.

  • Made the frontend dynamic and responsive with Next.js, making sure the website runs smoothly.

  • Added Contentful CMS for easy content management and scalability.

  • Created special tools in the Breeze suite to smoothly move content from one place to another.



  • Successfully implemented migration tools and CMS integration despite challenges.

  • Improved user experience, content management, and website performance.

  • Set up Breeze Marketing for future growth and innovation in marketing solutions.