The BigCommerce Proof of Concept (POC) with Next.js represents a significant milestone in embracing modern e-commerce solutions. This case study outlines the project's objectives, technologies used, challenges faced, and successful outcomes achieved during the POC development phase.

Client Objective

  • Forward-looking exploration into modern e-commerce solutions through the BigCommerce POC with Next.js.

  • Next.js for building a modern and dynamic user interface.

  • Integration of BigCommerce to establish scalable and feature-rich e-commerce functionality.

  • Implement efficient content management using Next.js and synchronise it with BigCommerce.


  • Encountered problems in keeping content updates consistent between Next.js and BigCommerce.

  • Implemented solutions to ensure that content stays updated in real-time across both platforms.

Technology we use



  • Used Next.js to make a dynamic and responsive user interface, ensuring fast performance by rendering pages on the server.

  • BigCommerce to set up a scalable online store, benefiting from its features for listing products, managing carts, and securing transactions.

  • Efficient content management with Next.js sees the use of webhooks to automatically sync content between Next.js and BigCommerce.


  • Achieved a scalable e-commerce platform through the integration of BigCommerce, providing users with seamless browsing, cart management, and secure transaction capabilities.

  • Efficient content management using Next.js and established real-time synchronisation between the Next.js application and BigCommerce, enhancing the overall e-commerce functionality.