London, United Kingdom, 3 May 2021 - SCube, a full-service technology consultancy, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Contentful, the leading content platform for digital-first business.

As the pace of digital adoption accelerates and business is conducted through digital channels with increasing frequency, content has never played a more important role in the success of organizations and brands around the world. This partnership will advance SCube’s ability to deliver best-in-class digital experiences for customers.

Contentful unifies content in a single hub and structures it for use in any digital channel so digital teams can assemble content and deliver digital experiences faster and at scale. With an API-first approach, Contentful can be easily integrated with a company’s existing systems and can be extended with custom-built apps or apps available from the Contentful app marketplace.

Thousands of brands and organizations around the world, including over 30 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on Contentful to create and deliver digital experiences across websites, mobile apps, digital displays and other connected devices.

“Contentful has been our content platform of choice and we have more than 10 certified contentful experts,” said Shovan, CEO & Founder of SCube. “Our clients and team love the flexibility and robustness of Contentful. We believe this is the beginning of a long term partnership with Contentful.” 

Contentful Scube Partnership Banner

About SCube

SCube is on a mission to make websites fast. We are a team of passionate web developers who share the vision of websites that are high-performing, safe, and easy to maintain. Founded 14 years ago, we began as a small business agency and now, SCube Digital is a full-fledged full-service technology consultancy that has continued to grow and develop expertise in a number of different sectors, especially Fintech. We continue to build our competency in the headless CMS space so that you can be sure that your business has exceptional Contentful expertise on the job. Learn more at We only take on board projects we absolutely love. You can be sure that we put 100% of our passion in each and every one of them.

About Contentful

Contentful, the leading content platform for digital-first business, helps over 30% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of brands around the world create and manage digital experiences for their customers across any channel. It enables greater speed and scale than traditional CMS solutions. Contentful unifies content in a single hub, structures it for use in any digital channel, and integrates seamlessly with hundreds of other tools through open APIs. Companies such as Siemens, Plaid, Goodrx, Intercom, Notion, Staples and many others rely on Contentful’s platform. For more information, visit