Did you know that 75% of consumers base the credibility of a business on the appearance of their website? That makes web design crucial in operating and maintaining a successful business. So, how do you design a visually appealing website? 

Don’t worry, Jekyll can help you. Jekyll is a simple, static site generator for organizations, projects, and personal use. You can use its easy to use themes to create and design new web applications. 

In fact, with this guide, you can learn how Jekyll themes can increase your website sales. From having a speedy connection to being customizable, Jekyll makes web design easy and simple. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at the benefits of using Jekyll:

1. Themes Are Less Complex

Unlike complicated and complex themes, Jekyll offers a simple way to present your website. In fact, since it’s a static website, it uses templating language. 

Thus, it has fewer elements to create and sustain. That way, it’s not too difficult to manage or run.  

Anyone can design a Jekyll theme. It won’t take too long to learn how. In fact, since everything is located on a web server, it’s capable of serving all files quickly and efficiently. 

Many developers, bloggers, and photographers like Jekyll because it’s easy to use. You don’t have to worry about overly complicated software; instead, it’s flexible for all professions and educational backgrounds.  

2. Speedy Connection

Jekyll offers faster pages than other hosting sites. When users visit pages, the server returns existing files without processing any additional information. That makes accessing pages dramatically quicker. 

Thus, you don’t have to worry about a slow connection. In fact, sites that load within five seconds tend to have 70% longer average sessions. This means users will visit for a longer period due to the speed it takes to load pages. 

Also, users are less likely to leave without subscribing, liking, or purchasing a product. When there’s a speedy connection, users are happy to stay and ready your story. 

Remember: users don’t want to wait for information; instead, they want information at their fingertips. Thus, its best to have a fast connection to engage and entertain users throughout their consumer journey. With a Jekyll portfolio theme, you can do both while ensuring a fast connection is provided to all customers. 

3. Themes Are Reliable

Other hosting sites have many components working simultaneously to generate pages for users. Much can go wrong if one program becomes faulty. In fact, a website might crash due to insufficient coding. 

However, with Jekyll, a web server is responsible for serving all files. Little can go wrong since there aren’t many components but rather one server doing one job. Therefore, users can easily access pages, scroll through content, and read posts fast and efficiently.

Thus, with Jekyll, sites are incredibly reliable and are trusted to last. You don’t have to worry about checking over your code to make sure each software is working correctly. Instead, by running off of a directory of files, Jekyll makes each website durable. 

4. High-Tech Security Features

Hosting sites have many security features like XSS, CSRF, or SQl injection. However, those security protocols always rely on you having the latest updates. 

Since not everyone can update their site when needed. Those security protocols don’t always benefit everyone.

Instead, with Jekyll personal websites, there’s no dynamic storage. Thus, there’s nothing for a hacker to steal. Jekyll ensures such security by having a static site. 

That way, your work, personal information, and all follower information is backed up and stored safely. You don’t have to worry about prying eyes; instead, you can relax and know your website is protected.

5. Git Respiratory

When using Jekyll, you’ll notice you can store the entire website in a Git respiratory. Doing so offers feature branch workflow, expands 3rd party libraries, and even facilitates a faster release cycle. 

However, it’s not only a gift to developers, but it’s perfect to use to evolve marketing strategies too. You can use Git to shorten development cycles to divide PR campaigns into individual releases. That way, marketers can talk more about the individual characteristics of a campaign. It makes it easier to sell products for a longer period of time since you can talk about the individual benefits. 

Git also works for product management, designers, and customer support teams. Features include rapid prototyping and streamlined bug fixes. That way, no issue is pushed under the rug. 

With Jekyll, there are many additional benefits that come with working with Git. It allows developers, bloggers, and even artists to have a fast and more effective website design. By multiplying business activities, Git makes every department do their job efficiently. 

6. Customizable Themes

One of the best advantages of Jekyll themes is that they’re completely customizable. If you find one, you don’t completely like you can always alter the theme to fit your requirements. 

For example, you can change the color, reverse the outline, or change the font. That way, themes are compatible with your individualized needs. 

In addition, if you don’t find one that you like, don’t fret you can always create your own. In fact, designing a theme is easy, especially if you know HMT and CSS. From there, it’s all about styling how you want your website to look.   

Thus, you don’t have to rely on standard templates to create your website. Instead, you can design a one of a kind application guaranteed to attract anyone’s attention. 

7. Modern and Simple Designs

Jekyll has many modern themes that any creative would love. Such themes are tailor-made for personal sites and created to showoff certain content. 

For example, some themes are more image-based to showcase photography like Stocky. In fact, one of its best features is its hero content. You can use its multiple layouts to optimize images and align them where you want them. 

While other themes are used to promote blog posts and portfolios. There are even templates for charities and non-profit sites to help fundraise or crowdfund campaigns. 

Outreach is just one example of a charity theme. Some features include its 20-page layout, complete with charity built pages, and easy and simple menu navigation. 

While these designs tend to be simplistic in nature; however, they focus greatly on content. In fact, simple websites tend to be thought as visually appealing since it’s easier to analyze as the user. However, many modern themes also offer features which increase the efficiency and work to boost the site’s productivity. 

8. Compatible for Your Needs  

All themes are compatible with your specific needs. Whether that may be blogging, vlogging, photography, designing, or something else entirely, there is always a theme for you. In fact, there are multiple themes you can choose from for your select hobby or career choice. 

You can select one that’s more in-depth or choose a theme that has image-based pages. On the other hand, you can always create your own site! 

With Jekyll, you never have to be worried about if your interests will fit with the software. Instead, you can style the software around your interests. That way, you can have the website you’ve always wanted. 

9. Rave Reviews 

Many, if not all, users like the Jekyll documentation theme. Since it presents a clean and simple design, all users can easily customize it to work for what they need. In fact, users, whether they be bloggers, designers, or even developers, have raved about its attention to detail. 

Jekyll pays special attention to content and delivers a website that’s focused on content-driven material and less on fluff. Themes by Jekyll have even been given a high-praise since it’s easy to navigate, simple to create, and equally stunning. 

Users want a website that makes customers think, “I want to purchase, donate, or sell” due to its features and customization. Jekyll makes it all possible and so much more.

Jekyll Themes: Choose One For Your Website Today  

When choosing a website, select a theme from Jekyll. Not only is Jekyll highly recommended for photographers, bloggers, and even developers, but it has many benefits. For example, since Jekyll is a static site generator, it has advantages such as speedy connections, secure pages, and reliable functions. 

The themes themselves are completely customizable, which provides each user with a one of a kind application. It’s modern and simple design also makes them visually appealing to all customers. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Jekyll themes, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.