Easy digital downloads is one of the best Plugins that will help you to create a digital marketplace store for the products. You can choose the plugin with different options that will match exactly for your products. It might be any digital products like eBooks, images, music, videos, etc. you can sell through this option. Further, the themes offered by it will help in, making more benefits out of it.

Top features of easy digital downloads for marketplace

There are different features for the easy digital downloads, which serves as the key reason for it to be under trend and gaining interest among the people today. Some of the top features are:

  • Shopping cart: It is great where the potentials customers can place the products that they need to buy. There will be an option for the customized button to customize the products that they need to buy.

  • Customer management: This is designed to maintain the records of each customer where you can view edit or delete the details of any customers. You can also track all the lifetime value and activities of your customers.

  • Discount codes: This shows the discount amount if any and with the help of premium your customers can view the discounted amount in the cart as well.

  • Data reporting: This will help you to view, filter and track the data range and category. Further, you can also monitor digital download, API, sales and request logs.

Reasons for choosing easy digital downloads  Among the most available and the most used eCommerce Plugins for WordPress, woocommerce digital downloads and Easy Digital downloads are used highly among the people. WooCommerce covers 35% with 1 million active sales. However, this does not mean that it would be the best choice for all businesses. In the case of digital download ecommerce solution, it is free for the eCommerce plugin that will work only on the digital products. It is fast and offers the best service for both the end of people for making the shopping and selling experience. Further, it is the user perspective and offers ease of using. It is just enough to have a few minutes to understand the entire aspects of it and use them effectively. It is just enough to add the payment details with your digital products and it is now right to sell the products. It also offers the best and versatile option to provide an easy way to track and analyze your sales. All these together make the digital download marketplace as the best and suitable one for the business of today.

Easy Digital Download Wordpress Premium Themes

The themes are used to create a marketplace for digital products. There are different themes that will be useful for different business purposes. You can make use of easy digital downloads themes free of cost but make sure you are choosing the best themes to fulfill your needs.

Stocky has been one of the immense growth in content publishing on the internet. It supports the best quality photographs. Further, you can also donate the stock photo market to enhance the stocky themes. You can sell your own photos and manage them as well. These entire features make Stocky to be one of the best easy digital downloads marketplace themes.

DG work

DG Work is the custom free easy digital downloads themes that will work great for selling photographs, general digital downloads and several other types of products. It also offers a clear selling outline for making it an easy eCommerce platform. At each product page, you can add some custom photos that enhance the quality of the site.


Olam is one of the easy digital downloads wordpress themes that can multipurpose for digital stores. It offers the best documentation file that will help in boosting the bootstrap digital store. You can also create some true community environment in the EDD plugin wordpress. Further, you also create some unique market with Olam for the best service. Defining the specifying the type of design that would work out better is the best way for the customers to understand the products.

Business Hub

It is the other best one in the list of easy digital downloads themes. It is well-known for its selling point of beautiful themes. The features, WordPress plugin support, codebase along with customer service have been the best for the customers for loving Business Hub. It is also one of the wonderful and rich themes that will attract the customers and recognize the design even from far away.


It is one of the powerful, multi-purpose and best wordpress themes for digital downloads. This helps you in building the website that will fulfill your needs. Using your creativity and personalization, you can also enhance the quality of your site. There are also lots of demos for exploring the efficiency of it. It also ensures ease of browsing and downloading of the digital products to enhance the overall quality.

SEO rocket

Every businessman knows the importance of SEO for their business today in the digital world. it is much easier when the WordPress themes also offer you some themes to enhance the quality SEO for your sites. It is also one of the most satisfying tools for easy digital downloads plugin wordpress. It will help you in displaying the important business data, review and testing.


The main aim of it is the put all the prices and products on display. It easily embraces the modern responsive design and offers the best definition for your website. When you are in need to launch their own support forums, the best option would be using the Genuine theme. When you are promoting the creative work in some impressive display, it paves ways for paving the best overall design schemes to feel corporate and dynamic as well. Further, it is also SEO friendly.

Choose the right theme for your digital marketplace (EDD)

By now, you might have understood about the digital download e-commerce wordpress. It is all about handling them and choosing the right theme for the best usage. Make use of them to make an effective profit from them.